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People are Life Sizing!

You’ve heard of people downsizing, upgrading or expanding their real estate needs from one type of home to another. We now go by the designation LIFE SIZING.  This is a much broader term to describe the change from one lifestyle to another.

Economist, real estate experts, and the media are always looking for a trend or to measure a change in our culture to see which way the pendulum is swinging.  It is naïve to say everyone is looking to downsize or that everybody has to be in a “walkable neighborhood”.  That mentality just isn’t true.

Just know; it is wrong to say that real estate buying & selling can be reduced to a general trend.  We have people moving all around the tri-state area as well as second homes beyond our Nation’s Capital Region.  We are selling homes with land as well as high rises full of amenities.  The generalizations we can make are that our clients want to make smart investments, are well informed with their decision-making process. Everyone wants to LOVE WHERE THEY LIVE.

Regardless of what LIFE SIZING our clients are experiencing, we have the knowledge and skill set to help them achieve their goals. 

Contact us for a confidential conversation so we can guide you successfully through your LIFE SIZING.

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