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I would’ve never gone through with my first purchase if it hadn’t been for Daryl! He takes the profession to a whole new level – there is honestly no more patient, loyal and hard working an agent around. He takes enormous pride in his work and invests himself personally to ensure that you find the perfect home. Daryl innately understood what I needed and what options would suit me best. With the utmost professionalism, he saved me countless hours by narrowing my searches, visiting apartments so I wouldn’t have to, preparing meticulously for each of my visits and patiently holding my hand through each stage of my decision making process. He’s a saint considering my many requirements, but he unwearyingly knew how to guide me away from the fantasies to realistically assess what was important and possible. He pretty much moved heaven and earth to protect my interests and kept me on track from the beginning through to the day after my move and beyond. I couldn’t be happier in my new home and am certain that I made the perfect investment despite this challenging market. Don’t put your real estate needs in the hands of any other.

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