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Meet Miss Cleo

Meet Miss Cleo!  Daryl adopted this feral cat from The Human Rescue Alliance.  She was rescued from a home that could no longer care for her.  She was an outdoor cat who avoided being euthanized because of an adoption program called Blue Collar Cats.
The Blue Collar Cat program is a “working cat” initiative to help Washington DC address the rodent problem.  Daryl does love living in walking distance to most everything, including restaurants, but that does come with its challenges.  Our city has a rodent problem; having cats live outdoors helps reduce this issue on our properties. There has been a dramatic shift since Miss Cleo has gone to work and taken residence on Q Street.  I don’t think she has even taking the life of a rat, but her smell keeps them away from where she lives.
Daryl feeds her every day.  She is a fancy cat and has two water-proofed homes (one of which is heated when it gets chilly).   Ms. Cleo is still feral but has taken to being petted when it is feeding time.  She is part of a colony of three feral cats who each have their own homes but patrol the neighborhood together.
If you are interested in adopting your own rescue from the Humane Rescue Alliance, please visit:
You will rescue a cat from being put down.  They are spade/neutered and treated medically before being delivered to you.  There is an entire training program to help with the adjustment.  This is your chance to help an animal in need and make your neighborhood a better place to live.
Follow this colony of cats on Instagram: @cats_in_logancircle

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