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Working with Daryl was exactly the experience I was hoping for.

He helped me sell my house and less than a month later helped me buy a new condo. In both cases he managed all the details, kept me posted on where I needed to be and when, was clear on what information I needed to get and share, and guided me through all the big decisions with a steady hand.

Daryl came highly recommended to me by a number of my friends in the DuPont/Logan area who had worked with him to buy their homes. I was looking for someone who would make the process as easy as possible for me, while getting me the best possible price. He met both criteria with flying colors. The house I sold, sold for almost $20K more than it’s appraisal value (based at least partially on Daryl’s guidance on pricing it attractively to get folks in the door and competing, and helping make sure it “showed” beautifully) and the condo I bought I paid $30K less than asking (again, with Daryl’s guidance on the best price to offer and the right way to negotiate.)

I had considered using to save myself money, but opted not to. After going through this process, and seeing just how many headaches Daryl took care of for me, or helped me avoid altogether, I know I made a very smart decision. I am a bright, capable person in most things, but I doubt I could have navigated the process to such a great outcome without working with Daryl.

I have worked with other real estate agents in the past, both for purchasing property for myself and for investment purposes. The other agents were helpful and knowledgeable, but did not take the time and effort to figure out how to work with me the way Daryl did. He listened to my need for simplicity, and managed the process in such a way that minimal effort was required on my part except for the few critical decisions.

I highly recommend Daryl to anyone who is looking for peace of mind (as much as possible when making transactions of this magnitude!), attention to detail, outstanding local real estate knowledge, and sound pricing advice.

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