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waze homesnap

How You Can Use Waze to Find Our Listings

A GPS Navigation device is a must-have for real estate agents, and we love to use Waze. The mobile app offers intelligent routing advice with real-time data collected by its users, helping us avoid the traffic backups that can be all too co...

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kimberly Casey and Daryl Judy

Inside Kimberly & Daryl’s Developer Roundtable

  Kimberly Casey & Daryl Judy began a Developer Roundtable with a vision to make a difference in the DC real estate market and urban infrastructure areas. These roundtables have become an excellent resource, and discipline, to a...

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Kimberly & Daryl at Hanks

Photos From Our Party at Hanks Oyster Bar

    WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS!! Spent Saturday celebrating our clients who are friends, and vice versa, at our annual Cocktails and Crustaceans party at Hanks!! Feel so truly blessed to have such an inspiring team supporting us, a...

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