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  It was reported recently that Washington DC had 17% of all real estate purchases written as “All-Cash” deals in 2019.  Washington DC does have one of the nation’s best real estate markets for sure and there are many cash de...

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Are Home Gyms a thing of the past?

Are Home Gyms a thing of the past?  No, they are as present as ever, but they have changed.  We see our clients utilizing personal trainers, taking spin classes, yoga sessions and classes such as Orange Theory, but there is still a need f...

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A New Home for the Holidays!

As we prepare to enter the holiday season (November 15th– January 15th), there is a misnomer that a realtor’s life slows down to a halt.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We are still busy selling homes through the end of t...

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Meet Miss Cleo

Meet Miss Cleo!  Daryl adopted this feral cat from The Human Rescue Alliance.  She was rescued from a home that could no longer care for her.  She was an outdoor cat who avoided being euthanized because of an adoption program called Blu...

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Record Sale for Shaw in 2019

Create a custom home with bespoke design, ensure the very best in construction with a talented builder and put the power of The Kimberly & Daryl Team with Washington Fine Properties behind the marketing and sales and you achieve A Recor...

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Rain Garden Offers Solution to DC Flooding

You probably saw photos or experienced the flooding rains in DC this summer.  There has been an increase in the flooding in DC even with changes made by the Army Corps of Engineers over the years in problem areas. There are more people ...

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Pre-Approved? Don’t Jeopardize Your Credit Score

  This year, we are seeing more stringent requirements from lenders and the underwriting process is more difficult. We just had a lender deny a loan after the buyers had received a pre-approval because the credit score dropped durin...

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LifeSizing, KimberlyandDaryl

People are Life Sizing!

You’ve heard of people downsizing, upgrading or expanding their real estate needs from one type of home to another. We now go by the designation LIFE SIZING.  This is a much broader term to describe the change from one lifestyle to anot...

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