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Real Estate Associate/Buyer’s Agent Job Duties & Responsibilities

• Prospect for both seller and buyer leads, convert leads to appointments & close for buyer agency agreements.
• Conduct a thorough needs analysis to ensure fiduciary service to all buyer clients.
• Ensure that buyer clients are pre-qualified with mortgage lender.
• Show homes to prospective home buyer clients.
• Identify homes to show that meet buyers’ criteria.
• Schedule showings of homes with buyer clients, listing agents and/or home sellers.
• Refine buyers’ criteria and select additional homes to show as necessary.
• Write & submit all offers to purchase homes for buyer clients.
• Negotiate offers to purchase and oversee entire negotiation process.
• Schedule and attend on-site property inspections with clients and vendors.
• Negotiate all inspection repairs.
• Provide buyer clients access to homes under contract as needed for measuring, inspecting & etc.
• Promptly return all buyer client telephone calls, texts and/or emails.
• Gather and answer buyer questions about potential homes and local community information.
• Provide buyer clients pricing information and market research.
• Educate buyer clients about home buying process.
• Regularly assure buyer clients that lead agent is involved & informed – Promote the team concept
• Keep lead agent informed on all client communications and developments (copied on all emails & update notes in CRM).
• Close buyer clients to written offers to purchase.
• Communicate diligently with administrative staff to ensure the highest level of service to buyer clients from initial contact through contract to close.
• Regularly attend team meetings.
• Attend all office training for working with buyer clients.

• Assist in any routine requests that relate to Kimberly & Daryl team listings, including coordinating and attending all open houses and preview showings of all Kimberly & Daryl listings, meeting contractors on current listings, facilitation of routine seller and buyer requests of Kimberly & Daryl.
• Attend on-site property inspections with clients and vendors related to any Kimberly or Daryl transaction that they are unable to attend
• Promoting on social media all listings related to the Kimberly & Daryl team
• Assist on an as-needed basis with Kimberly & Daryl listings all property photos, videos, staging, repairs, cleaning, signage, lockbox, access requirements and marketing activities.
• Schedule and attend on-site property inspections with clients and vendors.
• Handle any incoming leads that are assigned from Kimberly & Daryl that they are unable to handle.
• To the extent not occupied with other buyer agent responsibilities, work in the office during office hours to complete team needs Monday – Friday 9 AM to 6 PM.
• Promote the Kimberly & Daryl Team and grow the business in the most professional, effective and branded manner
• Coordinate with Office Coordinator and help out when needed to accomplish team goals
• Be a team player and go above and beyond to exceed expectations to increase market share, fine tune processes and make the client experience concierge from beginning till end.
• Have initiative and be self-directed without having to be managed with every task.
• Participate in the mentoring program to learn and implement in order to follow the WFP and Kimberly & Daryl guidelines and protocols to deliver the very best in the industry.

Lead Sourcing – Buyer’s Agent is expected to generate an equal amount of leads & closed transactions from Buyer’s Agent’s own Sphere of Influence (SOI) and general prospecting efforts to match the number of leads & transactions generated by the Kimberly & Daryl team and ultimately closed by Buyer’s Agent.
Team Generated Leads – (definition) Apply the “But-For Test”: But for the existence of the team & it’s listings, would the lead have been generated? So inbound calls from signs on listings and internet inquiries from online listings would be considered Team Generated Leads since but for the team & the listings they would not have been generated in the first place.
Buyer’s Agent Generated Leads – (definition) Leads generated from Buyer’s Agent’s own SOI and other prospecting.
Activity Tracking – Buyer’s Agent is expected to input all prospecting and client activities into a “pipeline report” for accountability and to keep the team informed

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