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Absorption Rate – DC is a Sellers’ Market

Instead of relying on general observations about the state of our market, we use a calculation called Absorption Rate to obtain hard data to determine if we are in a Sellers’ market or a Buyers’ market. 6 Month Supply = Balanced Market Less than 6 Month Supply = Sellers’ Market More than 6 Month Supply = Buyers’ Market Here is our formula: Current Active Listings/Average Number of Sales Per Month over a given time. We did an analysis below for three areas to show that we are clearly in a Sellers’… Read More

I Love My Neighborhood

Homes are more important now than ever! I LOVE MY NEIGHBORHOOD ANNAPOLIS! LIFE ON THE WATER – We love our neighborhood! We are just off of a small creek that flows into the Severn River. Arguably the best boating around, the Severn River shares with us views of stunning homes, relaxing coves, and unbeatable sunsets. Pair that with our quiet cul-de-sac of unique homes and it’s paradise off of the Chesapeake Bay! DOWNTOWN ANNAPOLIS is full of local restaurants, ice cream shops, and cute boutiques – all with views of… Read More

Starchitect – A famous or high profiled architect

Every home is special for one reason or another, but sometimes you sell a home that is special outside of the transaction or owners involved.  This week we have one of those closings and have clients who have fallen in LOVE with their home because of the very extraordinary architecture.  817 Vicar Lane in Alexandria, VA was created by the STARCHITECT – HUGH NEWELL JACOBSEN. Hugh Newell Jacobsen is a local architect, artist and designer extraordinaire!  The Kimberly & Daryl Team are fortunate that we have a few friends/clients who… Read More

Kimberly & Daryl’s Strong Record in Kalorama

Strong Kalorama Home Sales

Working from home during Coronavirus has us studying our sales numbers over the past year.  We want to review where our business comes from, how we can target our sales and marketing to best represent our clients and improve our services so that our Buyers and Sellers have the very best customer care in the industry. We are honored to represent all prices ranges, all neighborhoods and people who are buying their first home to our clients who have done multiple transactions with us over many years.  Sometimes we find… Read More


  It was reported recently that Washington DC had 17% of all real estate purchases written as “All-Cash” deals in 2019.  Washington DC does have one of the nation’s best real estate markets for sure and there are many cash deals, but that number can be deceiving.  It is best to understand what is meant by “All-Cash”.   There are two types of “All Cash” deals.  One is easy; it is when liquid assets are wired to the settlement company and a property is purchased with real cash.  There is… Read More

Are Home Gyms a thing of the past?

Are Home Gyms a thing of the past?  No, they are as present as ever, but they have changed.  We see our clients utilizing personal trainers, taking spin classes, yoga sessions and classes such as Orange Theory, but there is still a need for a space to work out at home. Gone are the big, bulky machines and IN is the space for a few items such as a bike, treadmill, free weights, a yoga mat and of course smart-fitness technology.  Peloton classes aren’t restricted to the bike anymore; they… Read More

A New Home for the Holidays!

As we prepare to enter the holiday season (November 15th– January 15th), there is a misnomer that a realtor’s life slows down to a halt.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We are still busy selling homes through the end of the year and at the beginning of winter. We are also actively preparing homes that need a little more work to be placed on the market so they obtain the highest price when they are offered for sale. There are several reasons you should meet with Kimberly & Daryl now to… Read More

Meet Miss Cleo

Meet Miss Cleo!  Daryl adopted this feral cat from The Human Rescue Alliance.  She was rescued from a home that could no longer care for her.  She was an outdoor cat who avoided being euthanized because of an adoption program called Blue Collar Cats. The Blue Collar Cat program is a “working cat” initiative to help Washington DC address the rodent problem.  Daryl does love living in walking distance to most everything, including restaurants, but that does come with its challenges.  Our city has a rodent problem; having cats live outdoors helps reduce this issue… Read More

Record Sale for Shaw in 2019

Create a custom home with bespoke design, ensure the very best in construction with a talented builder and put the power of The Kimberly & Daryl Team with Washington Fine Properties behind the marketing and sales and you achieve A Record Sale for Shaw in 2019. 1704 10th Street just set the record for the Shaw neighborhood with a sale of $2,295,000. When other new construction has lingered in the same neighborhood at lower prices, this custom-built home contracted contingent free and at full price prior to the open house…. Read More

Rain Garden Offers Solution to DC Flooding

You probably saw photos or experienced the flooding rains in DC this summer.  There has been an increase in the flooding in DC even with changes made by the Army Corps of Engineers over the years in problem areas. There are more people living in DC again which means an increase in sewage, and there are more surfaces covered which doesn’t allow rainwater to go back to the water table when it rains.  Instead, millions of gallons of water are rushed through the sewer system and washed out to the… Read More

19 Offers on one house and our Buyers got it! How did we do it?

Our clients loved a house. We love our clients. We won the house for our clients. Let us start off by saying the entire market is not this crazy.  Real estate cannot be understood by what is happening nationally or even locally.  One must look closely at the micro-economy of a smaller, specific area.  Even within that range, look at the sub-sections of a market.  For instance, houses in a neighborhood with multiple offers have different activity than condos in the same parameters.   Whether buying or selling, one must work… Read More

Pre-Approved? Don’t Jeopardize Your Credit Score

  This year, we are seeing more stringent requirements from lenders and the underwriting process is more difficult. We just had a lender deny a loan after the buyers had received a pre-approval because the credit score dropped during the process as the over-eager buyers went shopping for new furnishings. If you’re thinking about buying a home, you need to be aware of your credit score – one of the most important factors when qualifying for a loan. Generally speaking, a higher score can mean a better chance of getting… Read More

People are Life Sizing!

LifeSizing, KimberlyandDaryl

You’ve heard of people downsizing, upgrading or expanding their real estate needs from one type of home to another. We now go by the designation LIFE SIZING.  This is a much broader term to describe the change from one lifestyle to another. Economist, real estate experts, and the media are always looking for a trend or to measure a change in our culture to see which way the pendulum is swinging.  It is naïve to say everyone is looking to downsize or that everybody has to be in a “walkable neighborhood”.  That… Read More

January’s Luxury Market’s Performance in the Capital Region

A total of 2742 homes sold in 2018 versus 2713 in 2019 regardless of price range or type*. This shows a consistent performance January over January and is a good indicator of a stable market. Luxury homes are properties priced $2M+. The activity of this market is an excellent indicator of how the entire market is performing. 2019 is off to a great start by surpassing the sales of 2018. Although there were only three more sales in 2019 than 2018, the average sales price increase by over $500,000 in… Read More

Opportunity at the Top: D.C.’s Million Dollar Housing Market Continues to Grow

Last year, we wrote about how the number of million-dollar homes in D.C. have nearly tripled over the last 10 years. By the end of 2018, about 28% of all homes in D.C. were priced over one million dollars. New data has emerged that suggests our million-dollar home market is even hotter than we originally reported — and that it’s only poised to grow further. In this article, we investigate a few key data points from the high end of our 2018 housing marketing, including the increased value of our most-sought-after properties… Read More

20% Of All DC Home Sales In 2018 Were Paid in Cash

20% of the homes sold in Washington DC in 2018 were purchased as “All-Cash Deals”.  This is consistent from the sales in 2017 and 2016. An article ran in Urban Turf highlighting this statistic.  There were 8,328 homes sold in DC in 2018, and 20% of them paid in cash.  The largest percentage of cash sales were in West End, Georgetown and Spring Valley.  This would be expected as there is a large amount of wealth in these neighborhoods. There are many home owners who are looking for a place to park… Read More

Washington DC Top Sales of 2018

Despite the large number of neighborhoods in our Nation’s Capital, it is interesting;  the most expensive sales are in only 4 neighborhoods.  Woodley Park is the exception to this year’s list as there is one luxury condo that has been rebuilt; this condo has the 3rd and 10th most expensive sales in 2018.  A record sale is not typical for Woodley Park.  The other 3 neighborhoods (Kent, Kalorama & Georgetown) are usually found in the top sales year after year. Every fee simple sale was a stand-alone house with parking,… Read More

Leading the Downtown Luxury Market

The Kimberly & Daryl Team leads the downtown market, without question. In the history of residential sales in Logan Circle, there have only been 5 transactions at 3M+. Every transaction consists of two sides (Buyer and Seller) and The Kimberly and Daryl Team is proud to announce they’ve participated in 4/5 of these sales. Representing 6/10 transaction sides (3 Buyers/ 3 Sellers) they have dominated 60% of this market. It’s safe to say they are The Team of Logan Circle. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? When purchasing your biggest asset, it is vital… Read More

Selling During The Holidays

  Why in the World Would You List Your House For Sale or Buy in November or December when it is holiday season and “Nobody Buys at This Time”? Let’s address this falsehood right away.  DC is a year-round market.  We don’t have months where homes are not traded (even in the dog days of summer or the dark nights of winter). There are several reasons why you should meet with Kimberly & Daryl now to discuss purchasing a home or getting one ready for sale.  The data below speaks… Read More

Luxury Connect – Inman Conference Beverly Hills

In an effort to bring the best results for our clients, we attended the National Inman Real Estate Conference in Beverly Hills last month. We were able to expand our networking connections around the United States which is beneficial to our clients moving to and from the Nation’s Capital. We were able to learn from industry leaders and national thought leaders who presented in large and small group sessions. The conference had topics such as social media, contract negotiations, new technology and many more ideas we can implement to improve… Read More

Million Dollar Conversation

Kimberly & Daryl were invited to hear Bravo TV Star from Million Dollar Listing, Ryan Serhant, talk about his views on the real estate industry at an intimate gathering at The Westlight. Ryan’s Book, Sell It Like Serhant, gives an inside look at how he made it from a soap opera star to the number one agent in New York City in just ten years. What Kimberly & Daryl thought was so fascinating is that they share many of the same values and have a similar work ethic as Ryan.  They believe… Read More

The Power of Staging

  Property condition tops the list of things homebuyers consider closely when choosing a home. You want to make sure your home is in its very best condition! Properly staging your home is an important aspect of getting your home in its best condition and will help ensure that it appeals to the highest number of buyers. As a result, this can help you to achieve the best price and in the least amount of time. Home Staging is the process of preparing a home prior to putting it on the market while improving its overall appeal…. Read More


  Kimberly Casey & Daryl Judy have been recognized as having one of the most powerful social media platforms in the United States again this year. They are one of only two real estate teams in the Nation’s Capital Region to make the top 100 list as compiled by Property Spark.   Why is this important? Social media is one of the many platforms Kimberly and Daryl use to market and sell properties for their clients. Growing a following through Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram platforms helps to generate early interest and sell homes. They know from first-hand experience –… Read More

Selling in the Summer – DC Sees Upper End Surge

Ahhh summertime – a time for sailing, swimming… and a time for SELLING! The statistics gathered from this June show that the DC housing market this summer has remained strong. A total of 1002 homes went under contract, which is an  increase from June of 2017. Among all the price brackets, there is one that has seen a particularly strong surge this year. A staggering 33% more homes listed in the $1,000,000 to $2,499,999 range went under contract, demonstrating an uptick in buyers purchasing in DC with budgets well over… Read More

WFP Successfully Leads the Market

  What Makes Our Company Successful? OUR PEOPLE A firm comprised of the most outstanding agents, each highly respected in the community. OUR TRACK RECORD Record performances at $1M, $2M, $3M & $4M+, as well as by neighborhood. TEAMWORK Networking, information sharing, pricing confirmation tours and weekly companywide agent meetings. MARKETING & ADVERTISING Consistent, highly effective and tailored specifically to your property. OUR NETWORKS Proven and tested, we have you covered locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. OUR WEBSITE  State-of-the-art, full MRIS access, with features found only on our website. EXEMPLARY PROFESSIONALISM Displayed company-wide in all aspects of our business

Private Placement Works!

What is Private Placement? When participating in this program, our clients list their homes privately because they do not want to be on the public market for one reason or another. It is no risk and low-stress as there are NO DAYS ON THE MARKET which can often stigmatize a listing if it does not sell immediately. Your home does not have a sign, open houses and is not publicly listed on the Internet. Buyers are often willing to pay more for a home when others cannot have it or do… Read More

Taking Stock Market Gains and Investing in DC Real Estate

  We are seeing more and more buyers making investments in DC real estate and taking advantage of their recent gains in the stock market. Most of the deals have been cash. When done the right way, real estate investing can provide great returns through rental income, tax advantages and the capital appreciation gained from buying below the market value. Here are key reasons real estate investing beats the stock market: 1. Real estate investments provide cash flow and can be a hedge against inflation. You’ve heard it said, “Cash… Read More

The Kimberly & Daryl Team – Achieving the top ranking of individual sales performance of any team for 2017 in the Nation’s Capital

The Kimberly & Daryl Team has been nationally recognized again as one of the best performing teams in Metropolitan Washington DC. This powerhouse made the top ten list again for largest dollar volume in sales for 2017.  The statistic they are most proud of is they have the highest performing results per agent of any team in the entire tri-state area.  They were the only team in the top ten to make the list with just two agents selling.  Both Kimberly and Daryl averaged over $60,000,000 in sales each to top… Read More

Mastering the Upper Bracket Condo Market

Kimberly Casey and Daryl Judy often hear from people that they “see the Kimberly and Daryl signs all around Washington”.  And it is certainly true that the Kimberly Casey and Daryl Judy team has a strong presence in the downtown DC market.  But just how strong is that presence, you ask? In the past 12 months, there were a total of 23 condo sales over $1.5 million.  Of these 23 sales, a staggering 35% were listed Kimberly & Daryl.  In the past year, if you were looking to buy a downtown… Read More

We love setting records!

  WE LOVE SETTING RECORDS! We just closed on 1601 16th Street NW #1; it went $72,000 over the asking price. This was a two-bedroom, two-bath condo which sold for $1,011,000. We had three offers after the first weekend and worked effortlessly for our clients to get a clean offer with no contingencies. A condo on a higher floor in the same building closed a few months ago for $950,000 with an updated kitchen and baths, our listing was not updated. The results came by following the marketing plan and… Read More

DC’s Luxury Home Market Sales Double in the Past Decade

Ten years ago, we would have said the Upper Bracket Market in Washington consisted of homes selling over $2M. Today, the benchmark is $3M. When you look at the numbers of total sales in DC over the past ten years, you’ll notice that the trend is moving towards twice as many sales over $3M. Most all properties have increased, but there has been a dramatic increase in the upper tier. Washington Fine Properties is successful in all segments of the market, but we dominate the largest sales. Many of these… Read More

Business Goes Where Business is Being Done

  Data supports continued confidence in the real estate market, as well as the overall economy. Washington D.C. continues to provide investors with a real estate market filled with increased opportunity. After decades of decline, our population continues to grow, while maintaining some of the highest levels of income and education in the country. And our housing market has continued to exhibit the rock-solid fundamentals of decreasing inventory and increasing demand, leading to continued, healthy, year-over-year increases in housing prices.   The D.C. housing market continued to heat up in… Read More

Burleith & Glover Park – Great long-term investments!

How do you know if a neighborhood is a strong investment, and will it be healthy for years to come? One must look at the percentage growth over the past few years and the average sales price.  Important factors to consider are how the neighborhood has changed and how demand will continue to increase. Over the past 5 years, both Burleith and Glover Park have had incredible growth in value.     The neighborhoods have changed because of new housing rules regarding student housing.  These changes have brought some former… Read More

Homes Do Not Sell Themselves

Achieving superior results requires a superior level of expertise and hard work, and no one knows this more than the Kimberly & Daryl Team at Washington Fine Properties. Time and again, we have shown that we are able to rise to the occasion and make sales when other Realtors have failed to do so. Sellers who have worked with the Kimberly & Daryl Team will speak to their time “before Kimberly & Daryl”, when their homes sat on the market for months and were not marketed properly. When the Kimberly… Read More

The Olympics Are Over, But Records Continue to Be Broken

Quick Facts Sold Off Market 2.2 Million New Construction The Olympics may be over but The Kimberly and Daryl Team are still breaking records. Our listing at 3310 Ordway Street, NW recently closed at $2.2 million, which is a record sale in Cleveland Park! And we were able to get an incredible offer for the seller before this one-of-a-kind home even hit the market. We aren’t just there for the fantastic end results. Our team works with all of our clients through the entire process – from construction to closing and… Read More

The Numbers Don’t Lie: How Washington Fine Properties Succeeds With Quality Over Quantity

Quality wins over Quantity, and Washington Fine Properties leads in highest production per agent in the Capital Region and the United States once again. Based on data from the Multiple Listing Service, WFP sells almost two times as much as the next closest competitor. On average, agents at WFP sell $16.8 million in volume per year. Not only is this the highest in the Capital Region, but it is the highest average production in The United States. The Kimberly & Daryl Team consistently ranks within the top 10 sales teams… Read More

The Inside Scoop From The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Conference

  Last week we had the honor of being invited to a special session of The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Conference bringing together the world’s preeminent real estate authorities to engage, innovate and lead the industry forward. The conference was attended by the most accomplished professionals in the industry, representing 65 countries in six contenents. This special session SUMMIT was open exclusively to sales associates affiliated with LeadingRE, an invitation-only network of the highest quality independent real estate companies. Attendees explored how to leverage the latest trends… Read More

Alison McCubbin Joins The Kimberly & Daryl Team and Washington Fine Properties

Alison McCubbin

  We are thrilled to announce that Alison McCubbin has officially joined The Kimberly & Daryl Team. Alison comes to Washington Fine Properties after developing a sterling reputation in the local real estate community from both clients and industry peers. Licensed in Washington, D.C. and Virginia, she is eager to help our clientele achieve the extraordinary results they expect from working with us. “It is with pure excitement that I announce this move,” said McCubbin. “I am in awe of the incredible business Kimberly & Daryl have achieved and I… Read More

Washington Fine Properties Continues to Dominate the Luxury Market

  As we look back on 2017, we have not only been analyzing our own data, but what has occurred in the past year throughout our market. It is clear that once again, a truly local firm is the dominant player in luxury home sales. Washington Fine Properties had its best year ever as a firm and remains the leader in the luxury market. It’s clear that the access to information and the city’s top group of agents is what sets Washington Fine Properties apart. Of the top to most… Read More

October Had Some Positive Numbers for Home Sales

There is some optimism to take from the housing data coming out about October. Each month housing data is closely tracked by a number of organizations and publications. The following sums up some of the highlights recently released. Last week, The National Association of Realtors reported pending-home sales jumped 3.5% in October. There was a flurry of contract activity both nationally and locally. The Kimberly & Daryl team signed 10 contracts in the month of October alone (see below). The U.S. Census Bureau delivered the news that new home prices… Read More

Our Open Houses for Sunday, December 3rd

We are proud to open the doors to four of our current listings this Sunday, December 3rd … BURLEITH 3800 T STREET NW WASHINGTON, DC 20007 6 Beds, 4.5 Baths Offered at $1,999,000 Listing Details | Take Virtual Tour OPEN SUNDAY, DEC. 3rd 2:00-4:00PM Stunning new-construction house by Bogdan Builders with over 3700 square feet sited high on a prominent corner which means the home is flooded with light. This six bedroom, four-and-a-half bath professionally-designed home was planned for how we all want to live today – high-quality, bespoke appointments… Read More

How You Can Use Waze to Find Our Listings

waze homesnap

A GPS Navigation device is a must-have for real estate agents, and we love to use Waze. The mobile app offers intelligent routing advice with real-time data collected by its users, helping us avoid the traffic backups that can be all too common in Washington, D.C. So we are thrilled to learn that Waze is partnering with Homesnap to show current listings and open houses as you navigate your way around town. Combining a real estate database with smartphone navigation makes perfect sense, as homebuyers often use the navigation app… Read More

Inside Kimberly & Daryl’s Developer Roundtable

kimberly Casey and Daryl Judy

  Kimberly Casey & Daryl Judy began a Developer Roundtable with a vision to make a difference in the DC real estate market and urban infrastructure areas. These roundtables have become an excellent resource, and discipline, to all companies involved, including sharing positives and negatives from their experiences and within the industry. We attempt to combine sophisticated elements of real estate development from construction, to financing, to even staging & best practices. The roundtable strives to continue its reputation by expanding to architects and interior designers around the DMV. Once… Read More

The story behind The Mansarte, the hottest new property in Columbia Heights

(Click on images to launch photo gallery) We have rarely seen so much care and thought put into a development project. The Mansarte is truly one of a kind. Not only for the luxury amenities not seen before in Columbia Heights, but in the truly aspirational vision realized by D.C.’s real “Property Brothers.” Mohamed and A. Galal are Egyptian born, but children of international architecture and real estate development. They carry a family legacy of building to their local venture here in Washington, Urban Capital Development. The Fairmont Street project… Read More

Photos From Our Party at Hanks Oyster Bar

Kimberly & Daryl at Hanks

    WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS!! Spent Saturday celebrating our clients who are friends, and vice versa, at our annual Cocktails and Crustaceans party at Hanks!! Feel so truly blessed to have such an inspiring team supporting us, and to work in a profession I love, in a city I cherish so deeply!

Nobu Comes to DC, and Five Other New Restaurant Openings

Some are hailing the arrival of Nobu as Washington’s culinary arrival, while others are less enthusiastic about its significance. But for anybody who has lived here for some time, there is no debate over the exponential growth in fantastic places to enjoy fine dining. And if you won’t take our word for it, both Bon Appetit and Zagat crowned Washington, D.C. with their top city prizes in 2016. So we celebrate the opening of Nobu this week and look forward to enjoying the unique blend of Japanese and Peruvian dishes… Read More

5 Smart Home Upgrades That Can Add Value and Save Money

(Photo: LG Smart InstaView Refrigerator) Oh baby, it’s a wired world! The Washington Metro area ranked as the No. 3 tech city in the U.S. in Cushman & Wakefield’s Tech Cities 1.0 report, coming in just behind San Francisco and San Jose. It’s safe to say that more homebuyers in the Capital Region are looking for a home that fits their streamlined, digital lifestyles. Home automation allows you to control everything from window blinds to pet feeders with just the touch of your smartphone or a simple voice command. These… Read More

Recent Examples of How Our Process Delivers Results for Clients

Dc real estate logan circle

There’s far more to listing a home than sticking a “For Sale” sign in the front yard. Our process begins well in advance, and often ensures multiple offers and escalating prices as soon as the property hits the market. The Kimberly & Daryl Team execute individual sales plans for every listing. We employ our market expertise, business savvy, wide network of peers and marketing reach to achieve the maximum possible targeted exposure. A developer who worked with us recently for the first time said the experience was in “a league… Read More

Kimberly and Daryl Named to the 2017 REAL Trends America’s Best Real Estate Agents

Kimberly and Daryl real estate

    Kimberly Casey and Daryl Judy were named one of America’s most productive sales teams as a part of REAL Trends America’s Best Real Estate Agents, the newly issued ranking report produced by REAL Trends and sponsored by Zillow Group. We are proud to once again join the list of “America’s Best Real Estate Agents,” ranking #7 for Washington, D.C. Teams by Volume. Our team would like to thank our wonderful clients, our support staff, and the entire team at Washington Fine Properties for helping us achieve this recognition. REAL Trends America’s… Read More

Renovated 120-year-old rowhouse in Logan Circle lists just under $1.5M

July 7, 2017 By Michelle Goldchain Renovated 120-year-old tow house in Logan Circle lists just under $1.5M This Logan Circle rowhouse was constructed in 1895 and was recently upgraded and renovated from top to bottom. Asking $1,495,000, this stunner offers many entertaining spaces, which include a partially covered, private rooftop deck with a built-in kitchen. Inside, there are three bedrooms and three bathrooms across roughly 1,600 square feet with hardwood flooring and recessed lighting throughout. Some of the design highlights include the custom closets, floating staircase, and modern kitchen with a… Read More

The Logan’s million-dollar condos hit all the marks

May 9, 2017 By Michele Lerner The Logan’s million-dollar condos hit all the marks Million-dollar condos, once a rarity in the Washington region, may be more common than in the past but they’re still surprising. What makes a condo worth that price often includes a prime location, plenty of space, high-end finishes and a splashy floor plan. The Logan, a new six-unit condominium development at 1310 Q St. NW where the units are priced from $1.150 million to $2.845 million, hits all those buttons. Several factors make the Logan different from typical… Read More

Inside Logan Circle’s newest, priciest condo development

April 28, 2017 Inside Logan Circle’s newest, priciest condo development On May 4, Washington, D.C. will get a brand new, upscale condominium project, called The Logan. Located at 1310 Q Street NW in the Logan Circle neighborhood, this project will feature five units and one penthouse, ranging in price from $1.15 million to $2,845,000. Inside, there are high-end kitchens with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops. The bathrooms offer white Carrara floor tiles and natural stone vanities. The project is presented by Potomac Construction Group in conjunction with Lastos Finance,… Read More

Checking in on the Condo Conversion, The Mansarte, at 13th and Fairmont St, NW

March 28, 2017 Checking in on the Condo Conversion, The Mansarte, at 13th and Fairmont St, NW The Mansarte project is a conversion of a Grand Victorian on premium, extra wide corner lot into five luxurious condominiums. The lower level will feature two (1bd/1bth) units, each with an outdoor space and back patio. The main, first, and second floors will each feature 1800 sqf (3bd/3.5bth) condos. Each unit will have outdoor space whether it is a wrap-around porch or balcony on top. Also, all units will have access to a… Read More

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